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2010 Challenger Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

The classic Dodge Challenger.

It's a vehicle that we adore and were very excited to detail, paint correct, and finish with a ceramic coating on it.

This owner received this vehicle used from a relative and they maintained it fairly well. There were a few trouble spots that needed to be fixed before we put the ceramic coating on it. The biggest trouble spot is the top of the trunk which was scratched by keys consistently.

Step one for us was to use our hoseless wash to get all loose debris and dirt off the vehicle as safely as possible. The owner washes the vehicle regularly so this was completed rather quickly and effortlessly.

The next step is always claying the vehicle. Before any paint correction is done, it is very important to always clay the vehicle. There are fallout removers that aid in the process, but that alone is not enough. The unfortunate thing about clay bar is that it can micro mar your vehicle's paint if not don't correctly but as H2NO Elite Detailing we understand how to clay bar properly.

Once we finished the clay bar portion, we began to look for all the big imperfections and mark them to make sure the paint correction is done correctly over the whole vehicle without any spots left out.

After marking up the vehicle, we began to polish and correct the paint of this vehicle. Dodge paint is usually in between hard and soft. It's an ideal paint to work. Any softer and it would require additional passes with different pads. Any harder would require additional passes with harder pads followed by softer pads again.

As you can see, the trunk scratches came out great. Here are a half/half shot and a finished shot of the trunk.


After the paint correction, the final prep stage before the ceramic coating is an alcohol wipe. The purpose of this wipe is to remove all waxes, oils, polishing compounds, etc. from the paint. The paint needs to be as bare as possible in order for the coating to adhere correctly and last as long as intended. The alcohol wipe is a product from IGl coatings that is called "pre-coat" and it works wonders and smells great. We have our own home-made batch of alcohol wipe mixture for our graphene coatings but for ceramic coatings, IGL supplies us with their best products.

Now that the car has been completely prepped. It was finally time to put on a Ceramic Coating. We gave the vehicle one coat of the base layer and two hours later gave it its topcoat. The Ceramic Coating process itself can be very time-consuming. A coupe this size can easily take 4+ hours from pre-coat to the final layer of the Ceramic Coating being wiped off. 

It is finally done! 8+ hours of work to make this car look amazing for years to come.

We gave the owner the general care and tips for Ceramic Coatings. This car is now scratch free and has a mirror finish thanks to Paint Correction. It also has UV protection, heat protection, scratch resistance, anti-fouling, and much more thanks to the 4-year Ceramic Coating. 

Final shots!


Side Shot

Full shot


Detailed Wheels!


H2NO Elite Detailing:

Ceramic Coating from IGL Coatings

- 4 to 10-year warranties

Graphene Coating from Surface Protective Solutions

- 5-year coating with improved water spot resistance

Paint Correction/Restoration

- 1, 2, or 3 step corrections available

Paint Enhancement

Paint Chip Repair

Interior Detailing

Exterior Detailing

Mini-Detailing Interior/Exterior

Detailing Maintenance Programs

Tesla Modifications

If there are any services you want to be done for your vehicle, let us know.

We love to make cars look great!

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