Specialists in Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings for Luxury and High-End Vehicles

Why H2NO Elite Detailing?

  • Specialized with delicate vehicles: Tesla, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Aston Martin etc.

  • Focus is on quality of work, not quantity

  • Experts on paint correction, graphene coatings and ceramic coatings

Experience and Expertise

Qualified and Competent

  • IGL Ceramic Coating Authorized Detailer

    • Kenzo Master Applicator

      • Less than 30 in Texas​

      • Less than 300 in the USA

  • SPS Graphene Coating Authorized Detailer

  • International Detailing Association Operating Member 

  • 1 Water Bottle = 1 SUV Detail

  • No generators 

  • Battery powered tools

  • No reused water or towels

  • Mindful of the environment

Saving the Environment

What is H2NO?

We are El Paso's only 100% green detailer. Our commitment is to give you the cleanest car possible in the greenest way possible. We don't use generators for our tools, everything is battery-powered or used with a battery bank. We use the newest technology for our hoseless detailing, the best Ceramic Coatings and Graphene Coatings available from SPS and IGL, and the newest techniques for paint correction. This saves hundreds of gallons of water while getting your car the best services in the region. 

We offer a range of professional detailing services covering the El Paso and Las Cruces area. We specialize in paint correction and car coatings. Paint correction is where we remove scratches and imperfections in your paint leaving a mirror finish. Car coatings are the ultimate enhancement and protection for your vehicle, ranging from 4 to 10+ years of protection and attention-grabbing looks. We have certified applicators of the world's best paint protection systems that are only available to only a handful of selected detailers worldwide.

As El Paso and Las Cruces areas' only serious choice with car care, you can trust with years of experience, constant research and continuing education, our professionalism and results can not be replicated. Proud members of the International Detailing Association. 

We proudly endorse premium brands such as IGL, Lake Country, Surface Protective Solutions, 3D, HD, CarPro, Meguiars, just to name a few. Our workmanship is guaranteed.

Professional Services

Paint Correction on a Red Tesla Model 3 in El Paso TX

Car Detailing

Restore the inside of your vehicle to look like it was fresh off the dealership. We shampoo, vacuum, restore trim and everything else necessary to make your car appear brand new again.

Paint Correction

Paint enhancement or multi-step paint correction available to restore your car. Finish with a ceramic paint sealant to prevent further defects while adding shine or top with a true ceramic coating for the ultimate protection and shine.

Ceramic Coating

Invest and protect your vehicle with a guaranteed 4, 5 or even 10 year  coating!

We exclusively use IGL and SPS professional grade Ceramic Coatings and Graphene Coatings. Available only to professional detailers.

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